The story began over nine decades ago in 1930 when K.S. Maqdoom Peeran established a timber log sawing firm. In 1960 it was named K.S. Nazeer Ahmed & Co. and taken to new heights when K.S. Nazeer Ahmed brought major innovations into the business, including the Automatic Band Saw in 1964. This expanded the company into new markets and brought unprecedented success.

Today, Satin Ply (Brand) is a symbol of the most promising and innovative high-quality plywood establishment, providing outstanding contributions on innovation from residential to commercial projects.

Satin Ply-Winning Through Advantages

“Precision, Quality, Performance - Producing Plywood that Sets the Standard for Generations,”

Superior Product Ranges

Our Proudest Outcome-Driven Plywood Ranges

72 hours Boiling Waterproof tested. Designed to Withstand Temperature Variations and Resistant to All Types of Insects, Borers, and Termites.

Weather Proof & Chemically treated timber plywood

Discover With Satin Ply

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