About K.S.NAZEER AHMED & Co, Satinply

Formally established in 1960, K.S. Nazeer Ahmed & Co was initially founded by K.S. Maqdoom Peeran as a timber logs sawing firm in 1930. His business involved the supply of sawn timber to various parts of India to major clients such as the Indian Defence Forces, Indian Railways, & Film Industry among others. Peeran, a visionary with great business instincts, made the company into a well known timber supplier across Maharashtra, Madras, Kerala and Karnataka.

Upon the untimely demise of K.S.Nazeer Ahmed in 1994, Rehana Nazeer took over the role of managing partner in the family business, overseeing their industrial and agricultural activities.

Under the directive of late K.S.Nazeer Ahmed and now Rehana Nazeer, their sons Syed Rizwan Ahmed and Syed Rifath Ahmed, the third generation of the family business, recognized the shifting consumer demand in India and seized the opportunity to vertically expand and enter the plywood industry.

The company had to overcome the initial challenge of getting exposure in a competitive industry while operating from a relatively remote area. However, due to persistence and hard work, they have grown to be reputable plywood manufacturers, with sales all over India.

Our Present

SATINPLY is a product of K.S. Nazeer Ahmed & Co. and is currently being led by the third generation of the family business. They have diversified into new ventures, including plywood manufacturing, and offer a range of quality products such as block boards, flush doors, and other BIS-approved SATINPLY brand products.

Within a short span of time, SATINPLY has established itself as one of the most trusted names in the Plywood market in Telangana, Maharashtra, Kerala and Karnataka offering unique products with the best quality through our strong dealer network.

Our Mission

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